14 March 2013

How Sarah Palin Exposed the Beltway GOP

This video re-released today but recorded just after Palin resigned as AK Governor reminded me of a few things. If you were one of those that felt that Palin was a problem to the McCain ticket (and many on the right did), then you are part of the problem. Palin represented those of us in flyover country who may be college educated and successful but hold traditional values. She was a breath of fresh air, not polished, not corrupt and demonstrably pro-life. She knew how to recognize elitist corruption and showed it can be stopped (at least in Alaska).

Therefore she had to be destroyed and she was...and the beltway GOP let her be. I have not sent a dime to the GOP since then, though have supported a few candidates directly.
The flyover folks did not support McCain, he was a hero but wishy washy and stood for the kind of compromise that got us into the mess we were (and are) in. We supported Palin.

Palin's destruction demonstrated that a regular person cannot hold that high of an office in this country anymore (Reagan was the last POTUS who didn't pass the elitist test) unless he/she is deemed electable by the beltway GOP.

That is beyond sad, but we will continue to fight and we need to start turning Alinsky's Rules for Radicals on those who champion it's brilliance.

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