08 November 2012

Common Sense Resistance

For now this will be my final post. PPC can remove me as an contributor I am cool with that, or keep me on it does not matter. But politics is done. I am sure I'll wander in from time to time but I am not in the game anymore.  America will come back but it will take a complete failure first in my humble opinion. Read the previous post for context. I start off mid stream here.

Mitt Romney was not far off on his 47% comment, he should however have said 52%.

The fundamental change Obama wanted has begun, America is no longer exceptional. We are just one of many nations floundering between socialism and crony capitalism.  Our Government’s founding documents were divinely inspired (or incredibly wise) to limit power of men. Only God’s grace and the power of those documents still holds any hope.  America is now only exceptional because of the residue left behind by those documents and that will eventually dissipate the further we get from them. Appointing judges who want to change these documents to fit the times will be the nail in coffin. And Barack Obama will do that, he has said so.

I am proceeding with refocusing my life, shutting down my blog and twitter feed- possibly forever. My blog http://thedailyblogster.blogspot.com has been online for close to 14 years and got national attention after 9-11 but its readership has dropped since the advent of twitter.

A country that believes it is the government’s job to make life more fair for all will eventually be destroyed from within or by ruthless enemies. We will run out of other people’s money or be unable to defend ourselves. People will leave the country, businesses will go bankrupt , the gravy train will go dry. It is dry now. Obama could tax all millionaires and billionaires at 100% and it would only run this government for a month.

It is possible the conservatives could take the Senate and slow the death of the country but I doubt it. It’s also possible that the House of Representatives will stem the tide of socialism but they have not succeeded in even getting a budget looked at by the Democrat controlled Senate (who has not passed a budget in 4 years).  

I am joining the common sense resistance. I am out of the political game.  My children will be glad that the radio in the car will now be on music and no longer on Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck or Hewitt. I foolishly thought as they did that this behemoth could be turned back around in my lifetime. The destruction of a fully free America began too long ago. Only complete collapse could change it now.  If you have ever read any Communist anti-American writings around the fall of the iron curtain you know they did not just quit and admit we were right and they were wrong. 

They went to another plan, one that rejected violence, and instead planned subversion infiltration and re-education of the American people. I did not even know this until about 15 years ago, and most people still don’t believe it. They call it a conspiracy theory for nuts, but just like the writings of Osama Bin Laden I believe the people who wrote them meant what they said and will do it if we let them...we let them.  Their plan was to infiltrate the education system, the religious institutions and the Democratic party. To change our minds and reject capitalism.  They have done well. I have posted the links before. I am done spoon feeding people who either agree with me or think I should be dismissed because I am a conspiracy nut.  I am not the great convincer. They are out there and people are not listening. It is too late.

The Founders believed that “these truths” of essential liberties were self-evident and that they came not from a Government but from God or Nature. The government was set up to limit the power of men because men are corrupt, especially without God. They believed that the Government must protect those rights as a charter from the God, or Nature or whatever you want to call it.

The majority of our country does not believe that anymore and it is not self-evident to them. They believe rights come from Government and if they like the king they give him power over them. This key error is a nuclear bomb in the foundation of America.

Perhaps because more people than not reject the creator is the key. You dismiss Him, He leaves you to your own devices and your country becomes a place as the scripture calls it “where everyone does what is right in their own eyes.” This condition always precedes collapse and destruction unless a miracle happens and people repent.Could that happen? Yes of course but I do not see it unless there is a collapse first.

Do I think that voting for Democrats is evil, no.  But in their current condition (Dem leadership) they are fully corrupted. If you can’t see that you are completely blind. The fear you feel for voting for a person outside that part is because they tell you be afraid..and you obey, you believe the lies. I obviously can’t convince you. 

Before you shout at me, YES The Republicans were corrupted too but not nearly at the same level and 'we the people' began to seriously correct that in 2010 by voting out long held seats and putting in new uncorrupted representatives. We fought the Republican machine and were making progress.

Before my Christian Brothers and sisters start telling me it’s God’s will or whatever you must know I do not believe that. Is God surprised it happened? NO. He knew but just like it is not God’s will when a man or woman leaves her spouse for another, this was not God's best for America.  Human choice is a factor that God has chosen to work through and around because Freedom is sacred, Freedom is part of the plan. True love cannot abide where there is no freedom and God is love.

If America wants socialist policies and can’t be persuaded by facts and history, it is deeply sad but I am done for now. I don’t throw that socialist word around willy nilly. I know what it means.


2.(in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

America has chosen it. The Democrats own it. 

After campaigning to curb spending "In the first four years of his term Obama increased the Federal Debt by more than 45%, however, with more than $5 Trillion spent in promoting everything from solar panels to housing, the economy only grew by 7.1% during the same time frame (or a total of $905 Billion.) In other words it took more than $5.60 of debt to create $1 of economic growth.”

America voted for him anyway.

True unemployment is at around 14% when you factor in underemployed and those who have given up looking. The highest sustained level I've seen in my lifetime. Good jobs are hard to find. Wages as a result are going down. 

American voted for him anyway.

Rather than bringing a nation together as he promised we have grown apart, more racial tension than I’ve seen in 30 years (mostly coming from the black community and encouraged by Obama).

America voted for him anyway.

Fuel costs are at an all-time sustained high. Hurting families. He threatens entire industries of energy producers and shuts down production of fossil fuels wherever he can.

America voted for him anyway.

The rich in this country are the owners of companies and employ most all of us. This president demonizes them, threatens them and says they didn’t really build their business.

America voted for him anyway.

While our embassies burned and our citizens serving were murdered, he went to bed and did not send help. For two weeks he told us it was the fault of one our own citizens. He jailed that person for making a movie. That person is still in jail… for making a movie that did even not cause the attack.

American voted for him anyway.

For the first time in my life I am fully and completely ashamed of my country. 


Johney smith said...

I don’t throw that socialist word around willy nilly. I know what it means.
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Robt Ball said...

Nor do I!