07 June 2012

Metro State Votes For Tuition Discount For Illegal Immigrants

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POSTED: 5:55 am MDT June 7, 2012
UPDATED: 11:33 am MDT June 7, 2012

Metropolitan State College of Denver trustees voted Thursday to cut tuition for illegal immigrants by more than half.
The trustees voted 7-1 to accept the recommendation.
Before the vote, trustees took public comment.
"You are leading where the legislature has so far, not," said State Sen. Pat Stedman. "What you are doing by offering this opportunity and making this tuition affordable is going to offer them [students] the opportunity for a brighter future which is what this institution is all about."
While most of the speakers were in favor of the proposal, one graduate of the college spoke out against the plan.
Joe Farber said while he was outnumbered, if Metro State gave illegal immigrants a discount on tuition, he would not be happy.
"We need to let the university be the light of truth and not political correctness," Farber said.

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Anonymous said...

So if this institution is all about offering opportunities for a brighter future, why are only the illegal immigrants receiving a discount?

Robert said...
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