29 March 2012

Tweet of the Morning - Twittering in General

I have become a huge fan of Twitter, mainly because it does what in the past many blogs like mine tried to do, start conversations and spout off on opinion!. It works well, for that, and for jokes and for linking. I have more daily twitter followers than I think ever poked their monitor in this blog even in it's heyday when I was getting mention in some national press. 

Blogs have now become the bastion of deeper thoughts, longer posts and rather than "linking" there's a lot more "thinking". ...which is why I usually fail miserably at it. 

Not that I cannot think, I surely can. I like to write, but I currently have 3 jobs, not because I have to but because God is blessing me with vocations I find very fulfilling and I don't want to give any of them up, so blogging for my faithful readers (both of them) has fallen a bit...ok a lot. 

Twitter is exactly the tool for the ADHD in me.  I still blog and spout off  in posts longer than 140 characters a couple times a week...such as this one but it is rare I know but I like affecting the most people in the most efficient way and getting feedback, so I'll keep right on with my current trend. If this blog falls off completely someday, you'll know why. Twitter has swallowed me up. 

Oh yeah, I promised the best tweet of the morning. from @iowahawk

President's budget narrowly defeated in House squeaker, 414-0

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