28 March 2012

Spike Lee Instructs Followers to Commit Murder

Spike Lee tweets address of man who many today feel deserves to die, but facts in the case are still being investigated. He may be guilty, he may have killed in self defense...investigation is ongoing. But Facts don't seem to be what Lee and his followers are interested in.

When combined with the now 23k bounty put out by the New Black Panther Party (a racist hate group) on George Zimmerman, it is quite obvious that Lee wants someone to kill him.

Film-maker Spike Lee obviously approves of lynching a man before his guilt or innocence has been determined in a  court of law, since he tweeted Zimmerman's address and told his followers to retweet, and go after him.

The fringe wing of the Black Community is out of control, and things will get worse unless some actual leadership is shown in the Whitehouse..ALL we can see now is that the POTUS apparently approves of this.

If that was not bad enough, apparently in his blood-lust Lee tweeted the address of an elderly couple (NO RELATION) to the actual person these vigilantes want to murder) and now the poor couple is in fear for their life, and says they will never return to that house ...oops

Mr. President? Do you approve? Your silence says you do. Spike, will you buy this couples home, pay to have them relocated?  If it were me, I sue him until it really hurt.

***update Maxine Waters calls it a hate crime (again without the evidence being presented yet) http://t.co/pSitWbfu

***update Democrat Representative changes into a hoodie while quoting the Bible and is removed from floor

****Spike Lee apologizes and settles with Florida couple who his followers are harassing.

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