20 February 2012

Obama Lies about Domestic Oil Production Numbers

Not surprising that Obama is fudging the numbers (A.K.A. a big fat LIE) to make it look like he is doing something he is not, but the real question is why? Some would say he is trying to be environmentally friendly and America is not really concerned about that right now, we are concerned about that three letter word JOBS, that might be true, or it might be his many Big Enviro contributors he plans on funneling trillions to, or a combination of both. The bottom line is the emperor has no clothes and no one in the main stream media has the balls, or the desire to point it out, except maybe Fox News contributors..which is why the left repeatedly demonizes them as a false news source. Yes this video is from 2011, but I thought with Gas Prices going up AGAIN, we should remind ourselves why.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you managed to get it all wrong...nice job.
Oil prices are rising again because the economy is rising again. If you noticed before, oil prices dropped when the economy dropped...and before that went up when the economy appeared to be going up (the false footing led to the crash). As the economy rises speculation drives the oil prices higher. Speculation regulations were "relaxed" under the Republicans and now drives the prices.
You'll also notice (if you pay attention) that our oil production is at a record high, our imports are at a 30 year low and our exports have also increased. You should also be aware that even with all of the new wells and production, oil companies are not using all of their drilling capacity...this is so they can maintain certain levels in the market. Realize too that even if we were able to pump the world market full of oil (we have 2% of the reserves and use 20% of the world's production), the middle eastern oil companies would either cut back on production or raise prices to maintain market levels.
As Bill O'Reilly said, "So the next time you see a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it's complete B.S." So, Daily Blogster, this is why I know you really don't mean what you said when you said "...I thought with Gas Prices going up AGAIN, we should remind ourselves why. [implying that it's President Obama's fault]"
BTW, pretty much everyone knows that Faux News lies on a minute by minute basis...it's not an opinion, it's a cold hard fact that can be verified with oodles of data.

Robt Ball said...

Spoken like a true anonymous coward who lives in the MSNBC bubble.

1. Lie 1, we only have 2% of the worlds oil..wrong, we have more oil than Saudi Arabia we just won't tap it because of environmentalist lies embraced by every president since Bush1.
2. I blame Obama... and I blame every president since Clinton.
3. Oil production and Supply and Demand, the ONLY reason production is up for the first time in decades is because of Bush Policies 3 years ago, what Obama has done, (not done really) is going to hit us in another 2 to 3 years> $4 a gallon may seem cheap then.
4. You imply collusion in the market..that is true but it is OPEC much more than big oil that controls that, Oil Companies benefit from OPEC, but the fix is MORE COMPETITION< MORE DRILLING MORE OIL, not less. If you hate big oil...support little oil.
You believe what you want and I pay attention much more than you know. Prices are up because of speculation that the supply will be low in the future, the only way to quell that fear in the marketplace is to show that competition is alive and well in the Oil market, from the little guy to the big guy.

Robt Ball said...

One more item: Because oil prices are subject to fluctuation based on futures speculation, what Obama is doing, closing down future drilling in the US, stopping new pipelines and spending billions on pie in the sky technology that is nowhere near ready for prime time, speculators believe there will not be enough future supply for the world...period.
I do pay attention..and I do put my name on my posts.