27 February 2009

Ritter to raise taxes on every driver Monday

#tcot #redco Democrats raising Vehicle taxes in CO next week.
DENVER (AP) - Gov. Bill Ritter says he'll sign a bill on Monday to raise vehicle registration fees in Colorado.The increases will be used to pay for bridge and road repairs. The Senate gave final approval to the bill today with a 20-14 vote.

It phases in the increases over three years, ultimately costing owners of passenger cars and SUVs an extra $41 a year.

Democrats have been rushing to pass it because they say it will create thousands of construction jobs.

This is the Democrat idea of creating jobs...raising taxes on people already working. READ THE REST

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Anonymous said...

Wait. . . isn't that what the "Stimulus" package was for? So now we're getting triple-taxed on our roads . . . through the stimulus package that will have to be repaid, through the state gas taxes that were supposed to be to maintain infrastructure, and now through this extra car registration "fee".

Many revolutions have been wrought on an overly-arrogant government by an an overly-taxed populace.

I can't figure out if its just our government is so clueless they don't realize the average American's mindset about these things, or if its just that they're so corrupt they don't care.