28 October 2008

LA Times Sits on Video of Obama Toasting a Terrorist

From Redstate

What if the Los Angeles Times had video of John McCain toasting a known Islamic terrorist? What would the reaction be if the Los Angeles Times told everyone it had the tape, but refused the release the tape? And what if credible people who had seen the tape reported that other terrorists were in the room?

This is not a hypothetical. This is actually happening. Only it involves Barack Obama. And the Los Angeles Times has admitted it has the tape.

In 2003, Barack Obama lavished praise on Rashid Khalidi, a mouthpiece for Yasser Arafat. In the room were Weather Underground members Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. It was all caught on video. The Los Angeles Times blandly mentioned the tape in passing a few months ago, but I'm told there is more to it than that — the tape shows enough sympathy from Barack Obama toward the causes of an Islamic radical that the American public has a right to see the tape.

But the Los Angeles Times will not release the tape. Peter Wallsten, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times has seen the tape. He wrote about the tape.

Email Peter Wallsten at peter.wallsten@latimes.com. Tell him to release the tape.
Call the Los Angeles Times at (213) 237-5000. Tell the Times the American public has a right to see this for themselves.


Anonymous said...

The American people definitely have the right to see this tape! I hope & pray that someone with a lot of money will offer a reward for this tape. That certainly flush this tape out into the open so that Americans can judge for themselves! We need this tape now!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wallsten,

Who do you think you are and what right do you think you have to choose to hide from the American people, your fellow citizens, a piece of pertinent information which might make a difference in those fellow citizens' exercise of their voting privileges in the upcoming election?

Your job as a journalist is to serve society by reporting the happenings of the world in an OBJECTIVE manner, not play games or help to create a deception which serves your own purposes.

Please do your job the way you are supposed to, and release the footage of the Obama/Khalidi videotape. Let your fellow Americans freely think and decide for themselves what they want to do. They deserve that much. You are not God and you should not be letting your personal views or any other consideration interfere with the OBJECTIVE reporting of news which people have a right to know.