26 February 2008

Barack Obama and Muslim Militant Raila Odinga - tied together?

This is almost too big of a story to believe...and of course we've heard NOTHING but chirping crickets on this from the MSM. We must contact people about this...if this is true it is extremely scary.

Bottom line...in 1996 Barack supported (by campaigning for, making public appearances for) his cousin who believes in imposing Sharia law on a country where 80+% of the population is Christian and killing anyone who stands in his way.

Barack Obama’s family and political connections to failed Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga (pictured here with Obama in 2006) and others seeking to Islamicize Kenya should be deeply disturbing to American voters. Obam OdingMost Americans have no idea that Kenya is literally on the cutting edge of the global jihad thanks, in part, to the efforts of one Barack Obama.

Of greatest concern to Americans should be what Obama’s moves in Kenya say about his likely willingness to encourage global jihad. We’re not talking here about merely pulling troops out of Iraq. This guy, Obama, campaigned for his jihadi cousin, Odinga, in 2006 as Kenya was preparing for the vote in 2007.

In his failed bid to topple the current Kenyan president, Odinga allegedly entered the written agreement linked below with Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi. In it, Odinga agreed, among other things, to make Islamic Sharia law the law of Kenya if the Sheikh would deliver the votes to put Odinga over the top (click the pic to access the full text):

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Anonymous said...

Follow the money…see the ties—research–>>

Obama–>Rezko–>Nadhmi Auchi–>Saddam Hussein & Muammar al-Gaddafi–>(Pastor Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and Raila Odinga–>Sheik Abdullahi Abdi)–>Raila Odinga–>Obama–>Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dorhn–>Obama–>Rashid Khalidi–>Obama–>Rezko–>Jabir Herbert Muhammad–>Farrakhan–>Obama–>

Follow the money…see the ties—>research–>>

Mr Bob said...

Yikes dude, get your own blog. Thanks for the comments but internet eticate dictates you leave a short comment with LINK!

yes I agree, it is scary

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why should any of this surprise anyone reading these articles? if anyone remembers, we are the infidels,not barac,if he had converted,don't you think the moslem world would be very upset??? he is their man!!! and believe it or not hilary was right when she said,"do not wait to vote for me, for if barac wins the nomination, it will be to late then".

Anonymous said...

Um, how stupid are you people?

Get your facts right, and quit your fear mongering.

Why are you so afraid of having a black president that you latch on to anything that might hint at things you hope are true?

Mr Bob said...

Dear Anonymous...I hate anononimity on the internet, it allows people like you to accuse others of racism without serious challenge...this has nothing to do with what color he is, it his ideas and the friends he keeps. If you were standing in front of me and accused me of that,I'd have a hard time not making you swallow your teeth, but I imagine if we were face to face you wouldn't say that would you...

Groggy999 said...

Love the latest anony dude...

"So he supported a religious extremist who had mass murder on the mind... So WHAT!?!?! They're only Christian scum, just like you, you RACIST, BIGOTED, xenophobes!"

Not that I think that either candidate is capable of holding a job at McDonalds for more than a week, but the Jesus-like "can't touch this" aura being heaped around and upon Senator Obama is getting a little ridiculous, perhaps indicating that a large portion of our population would be happier if we just cancelled the elections altogether, paid McCain and the entire Republican Party to take a permanent vacation from their jobs, and had the glorious Obamessiah reign as king until he either died or collapesd into senility. It would certainly be a more honest system than the one we've been putting up with so far.

Anonymous said...

Anoid-Hello My Ignorant American Brothers SAID--->

"This BS is stale and cannot be sold to anyone with an OUNCE of brain. Give it up."

"Sharia courts are only for Civic cases ONLY."

Kenya -Religions

CIA World Fact Book


Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, Muslim 10%, indigenous beliefs 10%, other 2%

Raila Odinga

charges of vote rigging from ODM candidate Raila ODINGA and unleashed two months of violence in which as many as 1,500 people died. UN-sponsored talks in late February produced a powersharing accord bringing ODINGA into the government in the restored position of prime minister.



Karl Bond said...

Anoid - anonymous said...
Raila Odinga
charges of vote rigging from ODM candidate Raila ODINGA and unleashed two months of violence in which as many as 1,500 people died.... "

How simplistic! How Shallow!

Know the region, know the culture, know the politics. According to a reputed South African constitution judge the Honorable Justice Judge Johann Christiaan Kriegler, the election was FATALLY FLAWED. And the government appointed Electoral Commission of Kenya WAS TO BLAME!
Here is his commisions report on the said elections in Kenya:

Anonymous said...

Snopes is trying to diffuse this story by claiming it's false.