10 May 2007

Controversial Call to Men in the Church

I like it, but he says a few things in the video that has some "churchianity elites" upset, to say nothing of the lefties because he is using military language...which is of course the language the Bible uses to stress the importance of the mission of Christ and how diligent we must be to act on it.

We need more guys like this. Let me know what you think.

Last year I spoke at a large church planting event along with a number of other church planters and church planting movement leaders. The event was held in Florida, went well, and did a very encouraging job of bringing together a number of denominations, networks, and organizations that otherwise would not have benefited from such a partnership.

This year I was invited back but declined because the few-day round trip from Seattle to Florida to give a very short message (last year it was less than twenty minutes) seemed like too much in light of other responsibilities. So, the sponsors of the event asked me to instead put together an eight-minute video on church planting that could be shown at the event and then handed out to each of the 1,500 attendees. So, in an effort to be helpful, the video crew from Mars Hill Church and I spent half a day in freezing weather at a military cemetery shooting scenes that were then edited for the video. Apparently the video was shown at the event, was well received by the attendees, and then criticized by Bill Hybels from the stage because it did not speak of women church planters. And, not wanting a bigger fuss, the organization hosting the event then made a decision not to hand out the video as they had promised, leaving the guys from our Acts 29 Church Planting Network who had hauled suitcases of the videos to Florida with thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted effort. The leaders of the event are good guys whom I still consider friends, and I've never met Bill Hybels so I won't speak about him personally. But, I thought we should at least post the banned video online. Mark Driscoll


Bryan C said...

I agree with the speaker in enough areas that it would be nit picking to say anything negative about his tremendous presentation.

While here on earth, Christians live in what theologians call the CHURCH MILITANT.

Unfortunately many Christians mistakenly forget this, and instead, believe they are already living in the Church Triumphant. This leads to them thinking they do not have to fight the good fight of faith, ie, once saved, always saved.

Yet, the forces of evil that need to be fought are in their flesh, such as when the body and mind covet or does what God forbids. St Paul had this problem when he cried out 'the good that I would I do not, but the evil I would not, that I do." St John said, 'If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves'.

The enemy also attacks our faith in the form of false religions, most notably today in the form of Islamic expansionism around the world by force of arms. Certainly, it is a false god that requires his followers to kill themselves while killing others. Certainly not the loving God revealed by Christ.

It was by hatred and murder that Four Centers of Christianity (Antioch of Syria, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Constantinople) along with their libraries, Churchs and all things Christian were utterly and completely obliterated beginning around 650AD. Only Rome was strong enough to fend off the sword of Islam.

So yes, the Christian Church needs to be about the business of church planting. Success depends on the men selected, as well as keeping the main message the main message.

This message is: Christ fought the good fight of faith perfectly and won it, not just for himself but for all living, past present and future.

He knew we would never be able to do the same perfectly so he gave us and all living His Victory and took upon Himself our all our failures, suffering His Father's wrath and anger over our failures. This was heard when He cried out in agony from the cross, "My God, My God, Why hast Thou forsaken Me?"

Yet, having been saved by by this act of amazing love, we nevertheless are to try to do all the good works God daily places before us.

Most certainly, one of those good works is to spread this Word, even in the face of an Islamic terrorist who would just as soon kill us as listen to us.

This is why ours is the Church Militant with songs like "Onward, Christian Soldiers" still in our hymnbooks.

Mr Bob said...

preach it man. Well said.
The controversy behind this is because he is giving the message to men and uses masculine language. This is one of the main reasons why the church has become ineffective ...it has been feminized, there is not a balance. Church is geared toward meeting women's needs...not mens.

Jesus didn't say to the disciples come and have "relationship" with me and experience unconditional love. He showed them his power and his vision and said FOLLOW ME.

Anonymous said...

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Mr Bob said...

I would never vote for someone based on a troll who won't leave his name or link. Now I know who NOT to vote for.