27 March 2007

Why I Joined - from Dec 2001

As some of you already know at the age of 38, I joined the United States Navy Reserves. It took quite a bit of hoop jumping and form filling as well as papers stating I am fit for duty by no small number of doctors, dentists and colleagues. I am a computer network administrator and in good physical shape, and the Navy bent over backwards to allow me to serve my country.

Yes it’s just the reserves, but the reserves go through a lot of training so that they can relieve the regular Navy when called upon to do so, much training in the details of Navy operations before I ever get to the continued education in my field of expertise. I am also blessed to be serving in a unit that actually does real-time work on our reserve weekends, which is actually unusual. Most reserve units spend their time training, drilling and studying.

The reasons I give here are not necessarily in order of importance.

1. We are at War and I am capable of serving. It has been said that nothing is the same after September 11. I will never forget what it was like to have my country’s innocent citizens suddenly and deliberately attacked by people whose only desire is to kill and destroy us all. In my heart, I can say that I am forever changed. I want to do my part. This is my country. The Navy has provided a way for me to serve and still provide for my family. If I ever get called to serve full time for a while, I am not worried. God always provides for us.

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Guy said...

I'm sure you're really excited to be doing this. Jim told me which ship you thought you'd be going to...great news ...gat a sea story or two about that one

Mr Bob said...

I am excited about it. The only thing is the ship is quite old...keeled in 1958! and that's NOT exciting to me.
I hope and pray the Lord provides many opportunities to witness for Christ while on board.

Pinch said...


Absolutely fantastic! You are indeed the man! Thanks for the comment left on the Instapinch, but you are the one who deserves thanks!

Jim Parks said...



I served 2 tours 1971 - 1975 Viet Nam on the USS Hancock CVA-19 The Fighting Hannah.

I did not know you had joined and can say I am proud that you and your family made the sacrifice.

God Bless

Your friend,

Jim Parks MM3 USN