27 March 2007

Joining the Navy at age 38

I've been blogging or writing for the web since about 1999. Back in 2001 just after Sept 11, I posted a series of personal diary entries about why I was joining the Navy Reserves (at age 38) and then my boot camp experiences as an old man.

In light of my upcoming deployment to a ship this summer, I thought I'd share them again.

It is interesting to note that only the Navy would take anyone older than 32, but I still needed a waiver because I was older than 37. And only the Navy had a boot camp program that allowed reservists to prepare for boot camp for 6 months, then go to a shortened boot...albeit every bit as fun....just shorter,

...but they NO LONGER have that program. NPSAC or non-prior service accession course, changed its name to NRAC (Navy Reserve accession course), but is now defunct.

It is too bad they have canceled the program, I know a guy who went to NPSAC, then went to BUDS to become a SEAL! If it was done correctly and uniformly all over the country, it would have been a good program...it was great to me and my friends who came into the Navy with me.

Some reserve centers did not have a good NPSAC program, they did not prepare people for boot and didn't out process them well either.

The reason they no longer have the program from what I heard because once the war started, and deployments started coming, too many of those NPSAC grads were either not committed enough (wanted out) or were not trained very well. I saw this happen myself and my reserve center had a pretty good program.

Now all recruits go through the same program, 9 and half weeks of boot and then A school. I would not have been able to miss 3 to 4 months of work. It's different when you get orders to go somewhere after you are already in, but in the beginning it is your choice to join, to leave your job for 4 months...I can't imagine any employer being happy about that. My employer has been so good to me, I would not have done that to them, and I would not have had the chance to serve with some of the finest people I have ever known.

So I am very glad I had the opportunity to serve, someone with a career who could bring skills to the table. My next post (above) was written in 2001, just after September 11.

I wrote THIS back in 2001 when I decided to join.


Anonymous said...

Your readers should consider joining the Navy! The travel benefits are great.


Anonymous said...

Army takes you up to 42 now.